2010-01-09 11:32 pm
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Adventures in Miniature Dressmaking, Round One

So...I bought myself a sewing machine.

What can I say? One of Joe's aunts graced us with Christmas money, and I spent my share on a Janome Sew Mini, which is WEE TINY and light on features, but it got the best reviews of all the machines in the $40-60 range, and works just fine for what I wanted.

So I merrily went and bought the makings of doll dresses. And promptly realised that I was being overambitious, because for the first time in, oh, ten years, I was doing things like darts and sleeves, and so much for easing into the whole sewing thing.

step-by-step picspam, for those not scared by geekery )

So, I made a wee dress, and it fits and all, and I am happy. It's still a bit of a wreck in places - the sleeves are definitely messy, my seams are about as straight as the average attendee at a Pride Week parade, and I made lots of notes on where I can improve in subsequent attempts. All the same, I am stupidly proud of myself for finishing my first attempt.

Now, off to plot the makings of a petticoat, as the dress could use some undergarment support in the skirt area, and I have an easy petticoat pattern and handy white cotton-blend remnants. The doll geekery soldiers on!