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So...I bought myself a sewing machine.

What can I say? One of Joe's aunts graced us with Christmas money, and I spent my share on a Janome Sew Mini, which is WEE TINY and light on features, but it got the best reviews of all the machines in the $40-60 range, and works just fine for what I wanted.

So I merrily went and bought the makings of doll dresses. And promptly realised that I was being overambitious, because for the first time in, oh, ten years, I was doing things like darts and sleeves, and so much for easing into the whole sewing thing.

Setting up the workspace! There's my new shiny machine; I call her Cecelia. :D

More workspace. Felicity has her kit off and is ready for fittings.

Bodice constructed, and it fits! Hooray!

Getting ready to tackle the skirt.

Dress portion finished, aside from hemming the skirt. Go me!

A close-up to show off the fabric, an ivory calico with an antique-looking navy print.

Dress portion finished (and hanging in the background), preparing the top.

Front of shirt assembled; working on the back. Look, Mom, darts! I'm applying my old 4-H skills!

Felicity's taking a break from modeling, and hiding from my daughter.

Shirt assembled, sans trim and sleeves. Getting closer!

After I FINALLY figured out how to set in a sleeve. It'd been 10 years and the pattern directions were vague.

The finished product! It fits, hooray!

So, I made a wee dress, and it fits and all, and I am happy. It's still a bit of a wreck in places - the sleeves are definitely messy, my seams are about as straight as the average attendee at a Pride Week parade, and I made lots of notes on where I can improve in subsequent attempts. All the same, I am stupidly proud of myself for finishing my first attempt.

Now, off to plot the makings of a petticoat, as the dress could use some undergarment support in the skirt area, and I have an easy petticoat pattern and handy white cotton-blend remnants. The doll geekery soldiers on!



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